Come Forth!

Come Forth is a collection of poems that encourages the reader to come out of hiding and do all that God has given him or her to do.

With the inclusion of poetic prayers and some personal testimony, this book further inspires the reader to remain steadfast in their walk with God.

Come Forth also speaks to the current condition of the Church and offers the reader some insight on how to pray for the Body of Christ.

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Β  Morning, morning How beautiful is the sound you bring. Morning, morning The birds and the grass sing your sweet melody. The grass is moved to tears at the sound of your trumpeting voice As it declares to all that a new day is here. Triumphant is your entry And...

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Β  But leads to a different option, a different conclusion from the previous statement. But leads to a choice; weigh one option against the other. But leads to finality. That which is, is that which will be -- final. No empty word, but promise. But is deliverance. It...

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At the Place of Your Yes, I AM

They lodge in what they don't understand about Me. They make their bed there, And they rest in that place. They question if I see them. They wonder if I know them. They ask if I hear them, And I do. I know exactly where you are, And nothing that is happening in your...

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