Come Forth!

Come Forth is a collection of poems that encourages the reader to come out of hiding and do all that God has given him or her to do.

With the inclusion of poetic prayers and some personal testimony, this book further inspires the reader to remain steadfast in their walk with God.

Come Forth also speaks to the current condition of the Church and offers the reader some insight on how to pray for the Body of Christ.

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The Sound of the Overcomer

    The sound of an Overcomer Is trumpeting through the land. Can you hear it? Can you know it?   There is restoration that has yet to find Its places of rest, and The hands that it is meant to unite. Come Overcomer, And be not weary. Be not dismayed...

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  We coddle people with liesBecause we don't want to offend,But we never stop to considerWhat these lies do to Him. The very Truth we striveSo fiercely to concealIs the very Truth that's neededTo break the grip of Bondage's seal. Without Truth,None can be made...

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Have You Considered?

  Have you ever truly considered the heights of Heaven, Or the depth of the seas? Have you truly considered the workings and power of Almighty God, How He transcends men's limitations And shortcomings? He is valiant and great, Mighty and the Person of Peace, Of...

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