Come Forth!

Come Forth is a collection of poems that encourages the reader to come out of hiding and do all that God has given him or her to do.

With the inclusion of poetic prayers and some personal testimony, this book further inspires the reader to remain steadfast in their walk with God.

Come Forth also speaks to the current condition of the Church and offers the reader some insight on how to pray for the Body of Christ.

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Gossip: An Observation

  Gossip has the same face. Everywhere I have seen her -- even if she is plastered on a different carrier -- she looks the same. Every time. Her eyes blaze with crafty desire to just spill over with information -- true or false -- she doesn't care. She can hardly...

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Words II

  We hold hands with And give second chances To the opinions Of broken men Who haven't sought out What God's stance is Concerning our lives. We agree with and accept The words of curses Both heard and unheard. Our worlds are Blanketed by idle words From...

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The Sound of the Overcomer

    The sound of an Overcomer Is trumpeting through the land. Can you hear it? Can you know it?   There is restoration that has yet to find Its places of rest, and The hands that it is meant to unite. Come Overcomer, And be not weary. Be not dismayed...

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