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Come Forth!

Come Forth is a collection of poems that encourages the reader to come out of hiding and do all that God has given him or her to do.

With the inclusion of poetic prayers and some personal testimony, this book further inspires the reader to remain steadfast in their walk with God.

Come Forth also speaks to the current condition of the Church and offers the reader some insight on how to pray for the Body of Christ.

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Will You Invite Me In?

  There is a weight  That crushes the head of every enemy. When I am invited in, The weight of My glory, the weight of My mighty presence Disrupts and dismantles the stance of the enemy. I will shake him out of place. I will remove his protection, displace him,...

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BIG, BIG Holiday Sale!!

    Sooooooo, I was thinking from NOW through Monday, 11/26/2018, I would just put EVERYTHING on sale in The Scribe's Heart Store. And then, I started thinking I should offer FREE SHIPPING on every order too. What do you think? Sound good? So from NOW...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

    Here at The Scribe's Heart, we are so incredibly thankful for your love and support throughout this year. This has been quite a year so far, and we are grateful to you for walking alongside us on this journey. Thank you for the AMAZING that you are, and...

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