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The Reinvention

by | Sep 15, 2011 | 4 comments

So, you got a reinvention
That’s just another reason to stay hidden
You pulled straws for a new persona
You got tired of looking over
Your old alter ego’s shoulder?
So it was time to change face?
Step into a new game with estimates of how long you’ll stay?
Taking bets and counting up the regrets until there’s none left
But some will always be
Because you’re refusing to deal with what’s underneath
It’s despicable
I don’t mean to be critical
But I’m hurting as much as you
Watching you phase into this then change into that
While trying to remember how you forgot the truth
You’re playing a game and we are the pawns
It’s a joke to you and look how far you’ve strung us along
Now, you’re parading for a new crew
Lifting them up like you’re their savior, there for their rescue
You’re saying you’ll be their figure
The image they can refer to
But what stability do you have when you’re still so confused?
You don’t have enough strength to carry their stories, their pains, their tears, and their hurts
Because you have yet to forgive those that dealt you blows you didn’t deserve
But rather than confront, trust, and forgive
You reinvent yourself so you can shamefully stay hid
One day, you’ll grow tired of the cover-up
The masquerading and the make-up
Then you’ll be ready to understand that you alone just isn’t strong enough
To fill the voids and destroy the waste, the anger, and the pains
You’ll realize that only God can bear that weight
Where you are now cannot be your destined end–
And I pray it isn’t so
God, deliver this shipwrecked man
And save him from his own ghosts.

© 2011, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Monzerrat

    I love this!! Its so inspirational and true. We alone can't do everything, we truly need God's helping hand 😀

  2. Puncie

    This is beautiful! I love this in every sense of the word. I did not know you were this talented. It speaks to the heart and soul, I thought you were actually talking to me for one moment. B-R-A-V-O!!!

  3. T!H!

    Monzerrat: Yes!! This piece was very special to me. Through writing it, I understood even more just how much we need to rely on God. My goodness, He knows our destined end, and we just have to trust Him to see us through everything that comes our way.

  4. T!H!

    Puncie: Thank you! I'm so glad that you were really able to connect to this one. I really had to get these words out. The day I wrote this, I had been plagued by one phrase all day: “You got a reinvention so that you can stay hidden.” I couldn't sleep that night either, so I just grabbed my phone and starting typing in the memo pad. These are the words that came out of that time.

    Basically, i realized that rather than confront our issues/forgive/and allow ourselves to be healed, we keep running from it all. It works for a little while, but that's it. It's temporary because we're attempting to heal ourselves by our own hand. Everything we do is temporal, and that's why we have to allow God to be our Healer and our Rescuer. We can't do it alone.


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