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Broken Recollection

by | Oct 25, 2011 | 5 comments

I looked for you in the same place and
I looked for you in the same way
Little did I know
About how much you’ve grown and changed
No wonder I couldn’t find you.

All I have left are the crumbs of who you were
So I let them be the trail to lead me to you
But you weren’t there
It’s obvious that my idea of you
Didn’t grow with time
Selfishly, I wouldn’t let that image flee from my mind
I find that it was the only piece of you I had left
So to it I desperately held.

I remember you as that and
I remember you as this
It isn’t fair
But for this bliss
I thank my chosen ignorance
But today brought a glimpse
Of an understanding that I can’t deny
It is this truth that I’m now forced to recognize….

No I can’t pick you out in a crowd like I used to
Because I can’t figure out how, how to push through
This broken recollection,
This old image that I have of you
You’ve changed
And you’re done with who you were just yesterday.

This broken recollection has become my defeat and
The fragments of this jagged memory cut deep
Like broken glass, and through it I see
The reflection of a past I’m just not meant to keep.

© 2011, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Monzerrat

    Wow! These are some strong words. I love it because we encounter so many people in our lives and it is hard for us to let them go despite the fact that they have changed.

  2. Jesús

    Great words. But you know, sometimes we also grow towards finding that inner child in ourselves, that person we used to be and we are no more. Time passes, rivers flow, but our true identity will never die, even if that is more than what we have become. Sometimes we need to feel loved to let our true self shine. God Bless you!

  3. Otis

    amazing and thoughtful. I think of parents watching their children grow. Lost loves looking back on old relationships, Discontent adults yearning for thier youth. This is beautiful in so many ways.

  4. Dub

    I saw person-A developing and growing within, which is an internal struggle sometimes itself, and the resistance outsiders give to the transition by trying to force person-A to stay as what they see as the best form of person-A. When sometimes, it's just person-A becoming they're own masterpiece in reality.

  5. T!H!

    wow, i am so taken aback by each perspective on this piece. it's profound to witness one idea give life to a number of other ideas. i love reading each one of your interpretations because they give me something fresh to think about and help me to see whole new sides to the original thought. i'm so blown away by your ideas every time i read them. thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.


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