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I Love You So Much

by | Apr 5, 2012 | 2 comments

Dreamer, not far from truth
Hope, the remedy of life’s woes
I give you life and I give you answers
For you are Mine.
Come before Me and worship Me.
Acknowledge Me and give Me glory.
In due time, I will whisper upon you Your answer
And your anointing.
Forsake Me not, and I will remember You.
Forget Me not, and I will uphold you.
Please come.
Find rest.
I am here as I have always been,
Seeing when you couldn’t,
Leading when you knew not which way to go.
You may not have known it,
But I have remained faithful, true, and readily giving.
Open your eyes.
Stretch out your hand towards heaven
To touch even the hem of My garment,
And I will heal you.
I will guide.
Power shall go forth from me,
And heal your dry and thirsty land.
With faith, oh let faith reign,
And through it your sight will be renewed.
It will be restored, for you have chosen Me.
I am Grace, Wisdom, and Mercy.
Upon you, open to you, so willing to help you.
I love you so much.

© 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Ivan

    Another classic from Taylur!

    Be safe

  2. T!H!

    Aww, it's God man. No one but Him.


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