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What Is Man (Who Are We)?

by | Apr 5, 2012 | 2 comments

What is man that You take thought of us?
Who are we
That You would acknowledge us?

What is man, and who are we
That You would think of us
And set us free?

What is man, and who are we
That You would trust us with Your Will
And through us be?

What is man? And by our hands
You were pinned to a cross
Yet, for us, with all power and glory You stand.

You are clothed in majesty
And now we see
Our eyes have been opened
And surely we must believe.

That You are God
And all rests in You
You are King, Jesus
My redemption has come through You.

I am no longer dead,
Dead in my trespasses.
I have rendered it all to Him
Who is the God everlasting.

What is man, oh Lord
That You would lay down Your life?
And who are we God
That, to us, You gave the greatest sacrifice?

The blood has been spilled
And life has been given
The power of God has broken every barrier.

Who are we, oh Lord
That we would be deserving
Of Your love and grace?

What is man
That You would take thought
Of him and fill him with Your presence?

King, You are the holy One,
High and exalted Father
Of heaven and earth.

God, You are good
And we must worship
You and You only.

Who is man
And what is our call?
What are we to do?

All glory belongs to God.
A cleansing, the purity of the King
Has showered us
And prepared us for this day.

The day in which
We kneel before His throne.
Laying ourselves down in worship to the Father,
We bow.

Let peace consume us
Let Your fire come down
And give us rest
Let our adoration only be to You.

You are the answer
And we are Your sheep
Thank You for leading us.

What is man?
God we are Yours
Created to worship and bow before You.

Who are we?
We are Your children,
Those that You have called kings in the earth.

You have adorned us
With the crown of Your presence
We bear Your image
And Your power has been placed in us.

Out of the depths it will come forth
It will break through
And earth will see Your face and witness Your

God, You are good.
Thank You for taking thought of us.
We, oh Lord, are Your creation.

© 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Ivan

    This poem (amongst others) shows us that articles can speak to people when they're really well written. And here is a proof.

    Your poems should speak to every person that reads it. It's true and one can tell you have written them with your heart.

    Hope it makes sense 🙂

  2. T!H!

    Wow, yes, that makes a ton of sense. Such beautiful words, and that means a lot. Thank you and God bless you always.


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