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Who Is Your God?

by | Apr 17, 2012 | 2 comments

Who do you serve,
And who is your god?
Is Christ your Lord,
Or have you crafted your own image of Him?
Your idol, the workmanship of your own hand—
There, but with no life;
There, but with no breath.
Your god does not live.
You call upon him only when convenience permits.
With your god, you are still in control.
With your god, you live however you want and nothing has changed.
You acknowledge His name, but you do not live His life.
You love what He loves, and you love what He despises.
So who are you serving?
Who is your lord and master?
Who are you paying homage to,
And to who have you given offering?
Who do you worship?
Who is inheriting your praise?
Who is your god?
Lifeless is your god:
With eyes, but blind;
With ears, yet deaf;
Feet, but bound to no authority;
Hands, but no healing comes forth;
A nose, yet no discernment lives.
Your god is dead.
You are serving death.
This image of your own heart
Has manifested, and you are its reflection.
You are your god—
In control, and bound to death.

© 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Ivan

    Another very well written poem 🙂

  2. T!H!

    Appreciate that Ivan. 🙂


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