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Come Back Home

by | Apr 25, 2012 | 1 comment

So far away we’ve gone from the foundation.
We’ve gotten caught up with rules and regulations
That strip away our confidence because we’re so bound to condemnation.
See, in Him, we are made complete,
But with the heartless, systematic traditions of men,
Our lack of trust deletes
Any intimacy that we could ever truly have with Him,
And our beautiful posterity depletes.
Crazy, how easy it is to slip away from the surface —
To condemn ourselves and others,
Only seeing that we are all worthless.
But He perfected us
When He nailed all death to a tree.
He did not call for wrath,
But with loving forgiveness, He set us free.
He loves us, and we are to love Him,
Ourselves, and each other —
Simple as that —
But we make it so much tougher.
Immediate scrutiny, a checklist of right and wrong,
Basking in hopeless insecurity, a horrible spirit that “church” makes strong.
Holy huddles that preach grace,
But ironically can’t seem to recognize its face.
They choke on its name,
And stumble over it trying to hide their own shame.
This condemnation has taken away our joy
And our freedom.
We’re so devoid of His true presence
And rather captivated by our flesh’s treason.
The reason —
Because we’ve been so erroneously taught,
Led away from the foundation of who He is
And directed to our own human faults.
Those things are illuminated,
And we’re told we’re lost if we have a struggle
In so doing, we pay more homage to the devil
Versus running to God when we have trouble.
He doesn’t not love us because we are weak.
He wants us to come to Him,
And for us to diligently seek
His heart.
Come back to the foundation.
Run back to Him.
It starts and ends with love.
Come back home.

©2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing

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  1. Ivan

    Love it!


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