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Keep Swimming

by | Apr 27, 2012 | 1 comment

We’ve been so redefined
By what society says is right
Changing like chameleons
Just to fit in
Becoming experts on tormenting ourselves
Dealing our own belittlement.

So much we can’t attain–namely peace
Because we constantly refuse to be maintained
By who He is
The simplicity of His name
And His holy grace.

But I will strive
To hold my head up high
As I swim against this reckless tide
Of what men truly don’t understand
And within ignorance they safely hide.

I’ll keep swimming forward
Remembering to breathe
As I push toward everlasting peace
Finding my way back to simplicity
I need this relief.

Gone astray by so much fancy ideology
Frenzy when we understood an iota of His biology
Still trying to connect the dots of His biography
But missing it every time we connect the zodiac
To our own psychology.

We’ve gotten trapped in so many theories
That constantly point us back to ourselves
And our inept ability
As human beings
But that’s why we need Him
For where we lack, His grace covers
For where and how we stumble,
He brings us over.

Everyone has their own depiction and idea
Of who He is
But just get back to the simple piece and peace
He is Lord of lords,
King of kings,
Basically, He is everything.

He said, “My name is a strong tower.
“The righteous runs into it and is safe.”
This is the joy of the Lord that we have
Swim towards Him, and your hands
He will safely grab
Pulling you from this reckless tide
Of frenzied thoughts
Giving you established and holy peace
Cleansing you of every fault.
The grace of God is sufficient–
Please, just keep swimming.

© 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing

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  1. Ivan

    Love it! ♥


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