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The Stone

by | Jul 16, 2012 | 2 comments

For so long you’ve been cloaked in bondage
Chained to tasks etched in stone called Law.
No feelings.
No vision.
With what eyes has this Law seen ahead to He called Grace?

This Law came after deeds had already been done.
This Law came to show us what wrong is
Not to be our fulfillment and completion….
Yet, you walk around with this stone tied to your ankle
Calling it God as you are weighed down by your inability to please.

Condemnation has become the bottle which your tears feed
And at the Cross you constantly stay–
Pulling Him from His rightful place
To make Him do Again what He did once and finished.

Dim is the light overhead
And clouds of corruption constantly consume you.
Blood and sweat are the requirements of this Law.
Your time to live freely Here
Is overpowered by your ambition to build your own mansion There.
You’re scurrying about to and fro
Never settled by your good deeds.
Escapism is your attitude
And to be taken away your great joy.

Do you not know the freedom that you have—
The freedom that awaits you?
It has been sitting in the corner
Watching you as you labor and labor and labor to no avail
In works that were not ordained by God.
Freedom has waited to hold your hand,
Caress your mind, and lead you into Rest,
But Freedom has been overlooked.

Do you not know how He longs to give you rest?
Open your eyes and see Him.
Open your ears and hear Him.
All the while, grace has kept you
Not the work of your own hands—
For those stones are merely not enough.

© 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Ivan

    The poet is definitely back ♥

  2. T!H!

    Haha, I like how you call me The Poet. 🙂 I feel official with that one lol. Thank you for reading Ivan!


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