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by | Oct 9, 2012 | 4 comments

I am drawn to the penmanship of the lyricist, the wordsmith, unafraid and unadulterated by the culture of the escapist. To those, so ready to draw their pen, as if a sword, and defend the remnant–the misfits–who abide by freedom and experience the Kingdom in this terra firma and earthly dimension. I am moved by the Word that can cut in two and provide sustenance greater than food.–By Word that can teach and correct.–By message that deserves utter homage, veneration, and respect. Where are the sWORDS? Where are the carriers? Still hidden within the sphere of fear’s barriers? Where are the messengers? My hand is held out to thee. Help me up with words that can set my generation free.

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  1. James Willoughby

    This is beautiful! I feel your heart. One prophet of the Old Testament said it this way, “Take with you words,……so will we render the calves (sacrifices) of our lips.”

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Wow. I am moved that you can feel my heart–His heart. 🙂 Incredible. This is so encouraging. God bless you Mr. Willoughby, and thank you so much for visiting the site. I am touched by your support and encouragement.

  2. Ivan

    Wow, the amazing & gorgeous is back!
    I love this new poem! I’ve been a fan of your art for a few months now, and it keeps getting better.

    Congratulations on the launch of your brand new website. The day you waited for has finally come! You must be so excited!

    I can see that you’ve already transferred the poems from your former blog to this new website, and it’s great!

    I hope you also love my Tumblr. I may not write as much as you do, but there are other posts to look at. So feel free to share some posts & to comment them. I’d be glad to read them.

    Much love & thank you for being amazing. You rock!

    Be safe & God bless!

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Ivan! Thanks for being a great friend and consistently encouraging me! I do enjoy your Tumblr! You’re very creative, and I like reading your perspective on music and tv. Keep up the great work, and please keep inspiring people to have joy and love life. You’re doing the right thing with every uplifting word you give to others. God bless you!


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