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by | Dec 11, 2012 | 8 comments

My identity is founded upon the words that You spoke.

Long ago, before the beginning of time, You were,

And You gave me a name.

You named me and gave me a purpose.

You planned my course and wrote my story.

Every day, I live out these words
And move closer and closer to destiny.

There are conditions and there are delays, but Your words are infallible.

I make mistakes, but I’ve been graced with Your identity.

In Your image, I was formed,
And into sin I was born,
But through redemption

I am being reconciled to Your finished work

And who I am has not been made null and void.

My spirit and my flesh are in constant enmity,
Warring to the point of unrest,

But still, I am a word that passed through flawless lips.

Still, I am a child, a king, a daughter of the Most High, for I came from Wonder and Delight.

That is my identity.

That is who I am – a word founded upon authority, power, and majesty –

A word that was spoken from the core of a flawless heart –

A word that came from Greatness Himself. Oh how I am in awe that He even takes thought of me!

I am a manifestation of His word – words that have been settled in heaven for ages – even before Time learned its name and proper place.

I am seated in heavenly places, amongst stars that have been counted as righteous through faith in Him Who came to show me who I am.

What a reflection – what a matchless image…Oh how I’ve been graced to look just like Him!

I am a word made manifest here in the earth,

A word that will return to Him – but not without first accomplishing what He set out for me to do…for it is all for His eternal glory and purpose.

I am a word that will not return to Him void.

That is my identity.




© 2020, 2012, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing



  1. Ivan

    Another astonishing poem! I really love it! Your words inspire me.
    Thank you for using words that way.

    I am human and make mistakes. I need to learn from them so I don’t repeat them and move on. I hope the people I’ve hurt forgive me. But God helps me in any way he can. May he continue to bless me. Does that make any sense?

    • The Scribe's Heart

      It makes a whole lot of sense. Life gets easier when we realize we’re not perfect and we stop putting pressure on ourselves to aspire to be perfect. That only leads to self-condemnation when we fall short. Then, the self-condemnation works to keep us out of the presence and promises of God–promises He spoke over our lives and about us long before we were even a thought in the earth. Basically, we have to know who we are in Him, and from there, trust in His everlasting grace–a grace so strong that it can save us…especially from ourselves.

  2. Jessica

    Miss Taylur, you totally out-did yourself on this one! And on top of that, you gave us a little taste of Christ. Love the combination, and I love the poetry!! Keep it up 🙂 And yes we definitely sharpen each other, you have a gift.

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Miss Jessica, you have a gift, and I am utterly moved by the gift God has graced you with. Thank you for reading this poem and being a huge support. I do hope that it encouraged you. God bless you, and remember first who you are in Him–A word that was spoken from the core of a flawless heart.

  3. Rachelle

    “What a reflection–what a matchless image…Oh how I’ve been graced to look just like Him!”
    So true. God is the greatest creator and since we humans are a reflection of his image we all
    create as well, from sketches to communities, we are creators, inventors, and artists in
    different ways.
    Great poem Taylur! 🙂

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Rachelle, preach!! 🙂 You are right on every front. Yes! You got me all excited just reading this! LOL! Thank you for reading and for being such an awesome encouragement to my life. It means so much. Just to follow up on what you said about being a reflection of His image, check out “Watch Your Words” http://www.thescribesheart.com/blog/2011/02/watch-your-words/

  4. Hilda

    Love it! Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Aww, God bless you heart! You are so welcome, and of course, thank you for reading it. Love you so much!


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