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The Garment

by | Apr 7, 2013 | 0 comments

There are some that wear Christianity as if a garment, to be put on and removed at their leisure. The truth about a garment and its removal is that it can be removed by the wearer or by someone else or by some strange occurrence–perhaps a freak accident or a tumultuous gale. What determines or constitutes that the garment stay on? Comfort? Contentment? Complacency? What determines that it be removed? Discomfort? Disdain? Doubt?

See, Christianity is about more than wearing God when you deem He matches the rest of Your outfit–or selfish outlook for that matter. It’s about more than Him matching the shoes you’re wearing as you try to walk the beaten path you’ve laid for yourself. It’s about Christ teaching you how to live. It’s about Him abiding in you and you in Him. It’s about Him being so ingrained in you that there is no way He could ever be removed from you–or you from Him. You wouldn’t want Him to leave. It’s about a oneness. It’s about an alignment with His Spirit. It’s about knowing who you are in Him and never being swayed when life happens.

Jesus, my garment; steady, my wholeness. He is more than enough…covering my mind, body, and spirit. Rest, He has given to my soul. He, in the beginning, was fashioned into the perfect garment to cover my sin, my shame, my exposure to this world’s newfound woes. He is the perfect garment–my Advocate and my Defense–never to be removed from my life.

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