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by | Apr 30, 2015 | 1 comment

Words give us access to some remarkable places.
We can travel to the deepest of deeps,
And the highest of highs.
With words we unlock destinies.
We solidify and confirm directions.
We give accounts of our Hopes,
And healing falls from the tips of our tongues.
Words are powerful.
They are weighty.
They can move one out of place
And another into position.
They can cause Time to stand still
So that they can make ready a room for
Eternity to come and stay for a while.


Words are distinct.
Words are the pew and the chapel,
The usher and the preacher.
Words are the prayer,
And Word is life.
Words are the servant and the
Words are the hope of the next generation.
He gave us words.
He gave us the Word.


Be careful of how you use them.
They have the power to change
Your whole life.

© 2015, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing

1 Comment

  1. Ivan

    Many thanks for this amazing poem.
    I agree with you completely! And your words are beautiful. Words are there to convey our messages, what we want to say and what we mean. We also use them to share our viewpoints. As long as we have something to share, words will be there to fill that space.

    Thanks for sharing those amazing poems of yours during the National Poetry Month, it was a great pleasure reading them.

    Much love from France


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