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Tell Our Story, Tell My Story

by | Jul 16, 2015 | 1 comment

We’ve carried mountains in our bosoms,
Rivers in our mouths —
Tell our story.

Believe in the whole of me.
See beyond what you see
And cherish
The depth of me —
Tell my story.

Great lands we have traversed,
Carrying hope as big as mountains
Affixed to the throne in our bosoms.
Across valleys and rivers,
We’ve come to know the song of perseverance.
We are tired,
But what flows from our lips
Bridges us from our present to our future —
Tell our story.

I am wonder.
I am whole.
I am masterpiece.
Divine breath whispers Eternity’s tale in my veins.
I matter.
Tell my story —

And don’t disregard my truth.

© 2015, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing

1 Comment

  1. Ivan

    Thanks for this great poem!
    It’s always a great pleasure to read you!
    Keep writing!
    Much love from France!


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