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May you conquer.
May you stand in perfect peace.
May you prevail.
May you overcome.
May your strength not wane.
May you persist.
May you withstand.
May you be productive.
May you be fruitful.
May you be restored.
May you be whole.
May you give.
May you receive.
May you have peace.
May your families be healed.
May your families be whole.
May your families be restored.
May you all gather together to worship the King.
May you all come together in prayer.
May you serve the Lord with gladness.
May joy not be far from you.
May peace settle and sustain you.
May you be found in the glory.
May you bask in the beauty of the Lord.
May you feel the weight of His glory.
May you not tremble at the hand of the enemy.
May the sincerity of the Father’s heart overtake and overwhelm you.
May He cause His face to shine on you.
May His countenance make you glad.
May His hand deliver you out of all of your troubles.
May you look to Him for all things.
May He fill you up.
May you have more than enough.
May you live in the overflow.
May you live in abundance.
May the wealth of the wicked be transferred to the hand of the just — your hand.
May the wealth and riches that belong to you be released to you.
May the enemy cough them up.
May the refreshing of the Lord be great upon your life.
May His refreshing strengthen and overtake you.
May it fall upon you like fresh rain.
May you know that He is the Lord — great and just.
May you take comfort and delight in Him.
May you trust that your steps are ordered by God.
May you know that He is with you forever and always.

© 2016, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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