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From Point Guard to Prophet: Book Review

by | Jul 3, 2016 | 4 comments

From the moment I read the sample of From Point Guard to Prophet via Amazon, I knew this book was going to be unlike anything I had ever read before. I read it in four days — with the first two days of reading times being completely abbreviated as I was moved right into a place of prayer. I was immediately drawn in by the sincerity of the words and the sheer sound of Sophia Ruffin’s voice. If you have listened to Ruffin on Periscope, then you know her voice, and reading this book was comparable to her being in the same room, relaying her story to you personally.

From Point Guard to Prophet is a powerful story of redemption, breakthrough, deliverance, and ultimate freedom in the fulfillment of God-ordained purpose. Ruffin does an exceptional job taking the reader on a journey through her life and detailing how she fought to fulfill her dream of being a point guard in the WNBA. However, the plan God had for her life prevailed, and that plan included being called a prophet to the nations and being completely delivered from the life of homosexuality. In this book, Ruffin exposes how homosexuality is connected to women’s basketball. She delves deep in sharing how she entered into this lifestyle, and she delves even deeper communicating how she was delivered from it. As Ruffin lays everything on the table, the voice of transparency never lifts.

This book is filled with moments. I was moved to tears in many moments, consumed by the love and presence of God. In other moments, I was moved to laughter as Ruffin shared experiences of life as a young child sneaking out to play basketball and having the “girly girls be on the lookout…and to report” to her if her mother pulled up. And still, in other moments, I found myself reflecting on my own walk with and commitment to God. When Ruffin recounts the time God used a young, deaf girl to ask her, “Why are you living in a condition that I have already set you free from?” — I was shaken to my core. Or even when Ruffin described the moment in which she was on the brink of suicide and the Father warred over her against the enemy and triumphed, I was overwhelmed by His utter love for her — and for me. He wasn’t going to let Ruffin go, nor let the purpose He had for her life be aborted by the enemy. I could just feel God’s heart, and it was moments like this that made this reading experience so unique.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this book. It will move you. It will open your eyes. It will stir your faith and cause you to hold fast to hope once again. This book points the reader back to the beauty and majesty of God, and when you read it, your life — without a doubt — will be changed.

Get your copy of From Point Guard to Prophet directly from Sophia Ruffin or from the following retail outlets: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and iTunes.

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God bless you!!

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  1. LolaCabaya

    This is amazing! Awesome book review!

  2. Thea Woods

    Wow! Beautiful review. I really need to get this book! 🙂


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