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Mis-fitted to the world's wiles and wisdoms, But custom-fitted to be used by Him.

Mis-fitted to the world’s wiles and wisdoms,
But custom-fitted to be used by HIM.

I had always been mis-fitted.
I could never fit in.
Didn’t understand
That I was more than an outlier
Being outfitted
To look just like Him.
Custom-fitted for His hand, for His use,
And for His kingdom.
27 years in and falling in love with this freedom.

More and more I am beginning
To understand
That God has given me a voice
That will go across the land.

Growing up, I was told that I talked too much,
And I talked too loud.
Minute to some, but in essence
It shut me down.
I wanted to be accepted.
I didn’t want to hug rejection
So if being quiet was the only way,
Then Silence would become my closest friend.

At 13, I vowed not to share anything that mattered to me again.
Because it seemed that it mattered to no one else.
At 14, I found a voice in poetry,
And unknowingly,
That became the very first step
On this journey called Now.

Now I have been hemmed with
Those who were hidden —
A whole remnant
Of misfits
That look so different.
Been purified by the furnace of affliction,
And they’re so grateful to know that God was in it
The whole time.
That’s why they can’t be bound by the ropes of religion.
You won’t shut their mouth,
Or be successful at hiding them in the folds of your traditions —
Your frozen successes
That are only spittin’ images of your prideful reflection.

This is the generation of the radical,
The unusual, the impractical.
Yes, we are unorthodox,
Looking just like Jesus
And seated
High above
And outside the four corners
Of your religious church box.

So get accustomed
To the squad that’s winning —
A whole group of misfits
Unified by one heart and one mission
To see the fruition of God’s vision
In the earth.
And ALL for His glory.
You won’t shut us down
Or stop the telling of His story (History).

© 2016, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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