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Moment: How My Book Got Its Title

by | Nov 11, 2016 | 0 comments


When I first shared this poem back in June, I didn’t expect the response that I received. It was a Friday. I was bored at work, so I started to scroll through my phone memos and found this entry that I’d penned a month or so prior. It’s one of my shortest poems — and possibly, truly unfinished — but I named it Come Forth and shared it anyway.

The way people related to this piece surprised me. I don’t even remember the space I was in when I wrote it. What seemed random to me carried divine intent and purpose, but I didn’t know that until I shared these words. The response to this poem demonstrated to me that there were a number of people standing at Destiny’s brink simultaneously ready and terrified to respond to His calling. In essence, there were a number of people out there just like me….

This is a short snip from a short poem that set the tone AND title for my first book of poetry, Come Forth.

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