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Your Word

by | Mar 10, 2017 | 0 comments

There has been an eruption,
A quickening in the Spirit
For that which is written.
God, engulf us
In Your words
And in Your Spirit.
Drench us.
Cause there to be an utter overflow
Of everything You’re igniting and sparking.

Jesus, there are roads You have
Footprints of stories
That You have dared to be written.
Revelations unfolding,
A new molding of what is to come.
Jesus, You have won,
And we will write of Your victory!

Great triumph
And great resurgence.
Power in this awakening.
Lord, Your remnant is stirred,
Crying out to You with Your words.
Screams from the ink,
Telling of Your great and mighty things.
Lord, we just want to serve You.
Father, we just want to serve You.

We lay down our swords —
Our pens — unto You,
And we wait.
We wait for Your voice
To come and subdue
Every hard and rocky place.
Lord, Your word is enough —
More than enough —
And we thank You
For entrusting it to us.

© 2017, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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