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Keep the Gift Stirred!

by | Jun 6, 2017 | 5 comments

There is a reason the scribe is being summoned. The scribe is being awakened, stirred, and called to come forth. There are books the Father wants released in the earth, words that must come forth and be birthed into this time. God stir the writer. Stir the scribe. Awaken him. Awaken her. Put Your voice in their pen and Your Word in their hand. Cause them to write like never before. Cause them to pen the words of Your heart and mind — brilliantly, valiantly, boldly. God, cause Your children to write. Father, let there even be an unrest — like as a fire shut up in their bones….a fire that requires Your words to be released in order for solace to come. Awaken Your scribes in the night. Awaken them in the day. And cause them to write You in the earth. Father, let Your good and perfect will be done. Writer, write.

© 2017, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Tazetta

    Hi Taylur, I love this post. Keep the gift stirred 🔥This is such a now word, I believe people will be encouraged by it, if they’re just starting to write. Is it on fb? Thanks

    • The Scribe's Heart

      Hey Tazze! I don’t know how I am just NOW seeing this lol. But yes, I did share this on FB a while ago. I could always share it again. Most definitely! 🙂 Thank you so much for checking this post out and for being so very encouraging! Love you much!

      • Gloria Stevens

        Wow I am a writer and live every second of it
        Writing From The Heart of Father God and His Son Jesus Through His Holy Spirit

    • Morene Williams

      Thank you so oooooooh much! Inspired!

  2. Anita Goodloe

    Thank you so much! This book is so on time. You are definitely hearing from God.


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