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Foolproof Plan

by | Oct 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Foolproof Plan
He is an enigma, 
And we miss the beauty of His foolproof plan
Every time we try to figure
Him out.
Put Him in a four-walled box and try to niche Him –
Then still need Him to give us the language
So that we can then give Him definition.

It is He that has a foolproof plan.
There is no failure in Him,
And His counsel forever stands.

How GREAT are His ways –
He gave us Jesus.
Jesus – He Who was the Word
Praying the Word to Himself.
He Who was slain from earth’s foundation
Then waited for man’s disobedience
So that He could step in and save them.
It was He Who came through the womb of a woman
Because He would not and could not transgress His own law,
So now we have a High Priest Who knows exactly what it means
To feel what we feel,
And to the throne of grace, we can go boldly
To obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
It is He Who remains faithful
Even when we are faithless
Because He cannot deny Himself.
And to seal the promise to Abraham,
God swore by Himself
Because there was no One greater.
God, the Creator
Of all things,
Yet He desires to have His very being in me.
This King of everything
Has endued me with power to operate as Him
In the earth,
And Him, I still serve
Glorifying Him in the process.

It is His fire
That burns up everything unlike Him,
And at the same time is the purifier
Because He desires to see Himself
In us.
My God, the great Refiner.
He is full circle,
And it’s all for His purpose.
For example,
He gave us the Name by which we must be saved.
This Name that is above every name –
This Name to which every knee shall bow –
This Name which is an entire prayer –
This Name which is a strong tower
That we can run into and be safe!
This Name – JESUS!
He gave it to us.
He even gave us the language to pray HIS will.
He gave us the words to describe HIM.
He gave us the gifts that we glorify HIM with.

He has a foolproof plan
So we must understand
That what has happened in our lives
Doesn’t take Him by surprise.
If He is the Author of my book,
Then why couldn’t He use the pages of my story
To tell of His goodness and get His glory?
He spoke each of us each into existence
For a time such as this,
So we are words that will not return to Him void
Not without accomplishing that for which we have been sent.
So don’t look at your past as something to disdain,
And don’t see it as a heartless warden binding you to shame.
You had to go through the test to get to the testimony,
So tell.
There are people waiting for you to get in the right position
So that they can find their voice, cry out to the Physician,
And get well.
Nothing in your life has been in vain.
It has been a part of His foolproof plan every step of the way.
He has declared the end from the beginning,
So, to Him, your life is being played in replay.
Nothing in your life shocks God,
For He uses it all.
Whether things have happened because of your decisions
Or without your permission,
God doesn’t waste an experience.
He has a foolproof plan,
And He causes ALL things to work together for good to them
That love Him,
To them who are the called
According to HIS purpose.

He has a foolproof plan, 
And it will NEVER fail.
The testimony and the adversity He has trusted you with —
Please do tell
Because there are people waiting for you to get in the right position
So that they can find their voice, cry out to the Physician,
And get well.
It is the foolproof plan of the Lord
That will forever prevail.

Amen and amen!

© 2017, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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