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Stay Close to the Fire

by | Oct 18, 2017 | 0 comments

Stay close to the fire.
Don’t be moved.
Don’t be swayed.
Don’t be shaken, 
But stay close,
Never forgetting what I have done —
How I have consumed your enemies before thee,
And contended on your behalf.
I fight for you.
I fight with you.
What I have spoken over your life shall and is coming to pass, 
For your life is aligned with My Word, 
And your life will not make a liar out of Me. 
What I have purposed is true, 
And who and what I use to posture you
Is just on an assignment I assigned them to.
Trust Me.
This is only for a time.
See Me through it all
Because the day will dawn when I will remove my protection from them, 
And you will consume them as bread —
That which came to destroy you and make a mockery out of Me
Will be the very thing that nourishes you
For the journey ahead, 
For your next place. 
Worry not, 
And weary not, 
For I am your Strength Giver. 
Envy not,
And covet not the road of a transgressor —
Neither the road of your brother or sister, 
For I am the Writer of the stories, 
And your pages don’t fit their books.
Stay close to the fire.
Stay close to Me. 
Stay close,
Keep warm, and know I am the Fire that 
Devours all of your sorrow.
I am the Fire that lifts your head,
The Fire that stirs in you hope for tomorrow.
I am He.
Your Keeper, 
And your Redeemer. 
Remember Me, 
And stay close. 
Hold fast to Me — even in the midst of your pain
Because I am there too.
I am everywhere. 
Surrounding you on every side.
I am the Orchestrator, 
The Writer of your life’s books.
Your boundaries and set times, I have fashioned and designed.
I move mountains and they know it not.
So what will be your response 
As I trust you with this adversity? 
Will you enable Me to help you, 
Or will you shut Me out with the feelings that I gave you? 
Trust Me as I trust you
To overcome this adversity
And succeed.
I am building you, 
Stretching you, 
Increasing your capacity and ability 
In Me.
I am the Light that shines forth from you
Penetrating the barriers of darkness found in the deepest of deeps.
Stay close to the fire
As My Word provides a lamp unto your feet
And lights your path
To come and find Me.
Stay close to the fire. 
Yes, stay close to Me.

© 2017, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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