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At the Place of Your Yes, I AM

by | Dec 7, 2017 | 0 comments

They lodge in what they don’t understand about Me.
They make their bed there,
And they rest in that place.
They question if I see them.
They wonder if I know them.
They ask if I hear them,
And I do.
I know exactly where you are,
And nothing that is happening in your life surprises Me.
I have seen your affliction,
I have heard your cries,
And I know your sorrows.
I know how your heart longs to be free from Egypt —
Free from her system,
Free from her bondages.
So at the place of your yes, the altar is made.
At the place of your yes, I become the fire that consumes
Every thing that has separated your heart from Me.
At the place of your yes, I AM the fire
That eats
The brokenness —
The fire that devours the pain —
The fire that consumes
The idols that you have built with your own hands.
At the place of your yes, I AM.
I AM the Healer.
I AM the Redeemer.
I AM the Restorer.
I AM the Reconciliation.
I AM the Reset.
I AM the Deliverance.
I AM the Freedom.
I AM the Lifegiver.
I AM the Peace.
I AM the Wholeness.
I AM the EVERYTHING you have longed for.
Have you considered that the void you feel
Is a one-size fits Me?
Me, the Perfecter of your faith.
Me, the One Who makes you whole.
Me, the One Who completes everything concerning you.
I AM El Roi,
And I see you.
I AM Yishmael,
And I hear you.
I AM Elyada,
And I know you.
At the place of your yes, I AM the Lord
Your Peace and your Deliverer.
With your whole heart, will you say yes?
With your whole heart, will you honor Me?
With your whole heart, will you serve Me?

Amen and amen.

© 2017, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


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