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by | Feb 12, 2018 | 7 comments

Morning, morning
How beautiful is the sound you bring.
Morning, morning
The birds and the grass sing your sweet melody.

The grass is moved to tears at the sound of your trumpeting voice
As it declares to all that a new day is here.
Triumphant is your entry
And powerful is your declaration.
We have been given a fresh start —
The beauty of God’s admiration.

How great, morning, is your stance
As you present to us another chance
To learn of His grace and understand
The beauty that His peace makes.

Morning, morning
So lovely in sound and appearance,
Bringing with you God the Father
So with us He may visit.

Morning, morning
Thank you for your sweet song.

© 2018, The Scribe’s Heart Publishing


  1. Jesús

    It's beautiful. God bless you Taylur.

  2. Laura F.

    This completely captures the beauty of waking up in the morning. Knowing God is with you. Love you Taylur this was written beautifully.

  3. T!H!

    Jesus & Laura: THANK YOU!!!!

    I definitely wanted to convey a feeling of triumphant rejoicing. This piece actually began as a song. God just gave me the words one day, and I penned it a little while after. At the time, I actually began by singing about “night”–just its characteristics. Then I started singing about “morning”, and I actually remembered the words to that one lol–words that I was so sincerely grateful for. God is good, and I am honored that He allowed me to be captured by the beauty of every new day that He brings.

  4. T!H!

    Jesus: God bless you too! 🙂 Again, thank you!

  5. T!H!

    Laura: Thank you, and I love you too! 🙂

  6. Justine

    mmmm I love this one…. especially the grass moved to tears verse! hahaha 🙂 so much life! beautiful work girl!

  7. T!H!

    Justine: thank you! thank you! i'm so glad you enjoyed reading this one. 🙂 i appreciate the kind and loving words, and i am so grateful for your support. God bless you!


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