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Fortified City

by | Apr 8, 2018 | 4 comments

Here I stand
With gold in my hand.
The sun shines brilliantly upon me,
And I am Dawn’s trumpet.
When my eyes open,
Day begins, and
No one can tell me differently.

My walls can’t be broken through.
Rains, winds, and storms turn away
At the very sight of me,
For they aren’t worthy of entering through my gate
To touch me — me,
A fortified city.

But wait….what’s this?
A rushing of a wind?
Booming, gnashing, breaking,
Consuming, smashing, and taking
All that I’ve held dear.
Intruder, why are You here?
And tell me, how did You get in?
We aren’t allies,
And did You have to bring this company of men?
What’s that You say?
That they’re the remnant?
What difference does that make to me?!
Your time here is finished.

It’s me You’re after?
It’s me You’re here to overtake?
What? Wait. That can’t be true —
Where’s my watchman?
What do You mean he’s been
Slain by the Spirit that came with You?

This is impossible!
This just can’t be real!
Yielding to You is optional.
Remember, it’s called free will?

You’re not going away?
Until I change?
You must be mad
And going hopelessly insane!

Why do You even care so much?
Without You, I had more than enough.
Now, You’ve come to disrupt —
Your intrusion, so abrupt.
Claiming You’re here to set me
Right side up.

Oh! THAT we’ll see!
Right now, I’m trapped on bended knee
Struggling to pick up the pieces of
My city’s great wall —
The pieces I’ve always known —
What You’re attempting to dissolve.

You’re staring down at me
With a love and compassion I’ve never seen.
My heart’s hardness begins to weaken
As I am being embraced by the warmth of Your forgiveness —
But I find I’d still rather be
A prisoner in my own city —
Never to yield to You and Your method of doing things.
I won’t bow to Your divinity
Or ever kneel to kiss Your ring.
You say You’re here to set me free,
But the way I’ve done things is how it should
And how it always will be.

Me. So protected by these walls
And my valiant gate —
I won’t change.
No matter if You stay or go away.
I’m idle in my contentment.
Content in my imprisonment.
Broken, but to me it makes no difference,

For I am a fortified city.


  1. Ivan

    Another beautiful poem! I really admire your work and the way you write is amazing.

    Keep writing, I love reading your poems.

    Love ♥

  2. T!H!

    Ivan: Thank you! I will keep writing–always!

  3. T!H!

    Jessica: Thank you sweet girl. Thank you so much!



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