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The Gift

by | Apr 8, 2018 | 2 comments

Given without repentance.
If only it was enough
On its own,
But it isn’t.

The Gift.
Standing atop stages,
Lights blazing
In the background.
Not bright enough to outshine the gift.
Much too dim to expose the dark.
Much too dim.
Much too dim.

The Gift.
The People.
Their eyes are misty with tears.
They are in awe.
Their hearts are swelled.
They are entertained
And blinded all the same.

The Gift.
Standing on stages
With thousands of eyes beholding its breathtaking nature.
The Gift is in love with this favor,
But simultaneously ravaged between two places:
Comfort and The Fear of Man.
The Gift is afraid
The love of the people could waver
If it doesn’t perform
And give them their just due –
If it doesn’t fall in line with the heart of the People’s pursuits.

The Gift.
It can’t help but to cry in agony
Because the eyes that behold its beauty
Don’t see.
There is dark that is seeking to consume
And swallow it whole —
Quiet it,
And steer it away from God’s control.

The People.
They are madly in love with the Gift.
Their eyes are mesmerized,
And their discernment is broken.
Their ears refuse to hear the red flags
That bellow loud and clear,
Pointing to the reality that the carrier of the Gift
And the Gift-Giver do not dwell in the same sphere.

The Gift.
Given without repentance.
If only,
If only
That was enough.


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  2. Kenyetta

    Wow! That was AMAZING! I LOVE it!


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