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Have You Considered?

by | Jun 25, 2019 | 0 comments

Have you ever truly considered the heights of Heaven,
Or the depth of the seas?
Have you truly considered the workings and power of Almighty God,
How He transcends men’s limitations
And shortcomings?
He is valiant and great,
Mighty and the Person of Peace,
Of Hope.
He is a just and righteous God,
Dealing in equity and in light.
To hear His great refrain
Is to see mountains move
And nations quake.
He is the Giver of life,
And He has dealt kindly with us.
He is God.
The extent of His power is beyond measure,
And He is greater than all of what we see.
With Him, we are.
We stand
And free.
He is Freedom.
He is Rejoicing.
He is Praise,
Wonder, and Light.
I have put my trust in Him
Because only He can save me,
Because only He can keep me
And share with me a brighter day.
He is here —
Always and forever.
You, God, are here.


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