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Wells Filled With Dust

by | Jun 25, 2019 | 1 comment

stagnant waters. 
stale and unmoving. 
what appears to be a place of refreshing 
is a habitation for flies. 
yet, many still come to drink from these wells 
filled with dust.

the Presence once made His home in this place, 
but when the value of position outranked praise, 
suffocated the depth of worship, and arrested 
the heart of prayer, 
He departed. 
they didn’t want Him. 
yet, many still come to this place to offer adoration 
to hollow idols 
and drink from these wells 
filled with dust.

this place, once a holy temple, is now 
a template for many that view it as a steeple of success. 
its image has been replicated time and time again 
from its end, 
so Glory has never been invited in to take a seat 
alongside any of this place’s bastard offspring. 
yet, many come to drink from these wells 
filled with dust.

this place has been built on 
the faulty foundation of sweet words 
that strive to never highlight the bitterness of sin 
that is coiled tight around the torso of every hearer. 
constricted and confined, but content — the hearers, 
they know no difference and 
they look no different 
than the world they go to minister to 
with cookie cutter scripts in hand. 
yes, they want others to come and drink 
from these wells 
filled with dust.

this dust — the finest there is — 
created from what flows out of 
the world’s broken heart — 
the lust of the flesh, 
the lust of the eyes, 
and the pride of life. 
these have crept into this place — 
once a holy temple — 
and many run to drink from its wells 
filled with dust 
simply because 
they’re just so used to doing it.

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  1. Louise

    This is so beautiful!


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