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The Sound of the Overcomer

by | Aug 1, 2019 | 0 comments

The sound of an Overcomer
Is trumpeting through the land.
Can you hear it?
Can you know it?

There is restoration that has yet to find
Its places of rest, and
The hands that it is meant to unite.

Come Overcomer,
And be not weary.
Be not dismayed
Because the Father sees.
He knows,
And He is your Conqueror,
Your great reward.

Come Overcomer,
And be not delayed.
Be not hindered by the past you have known
And the future you have not yet known.
Hear the cry of the Intercessor and respond.
Feel the resurrection power of the King and know
That all is well.

The sound of the Overcomer
Dances across the land.
That which has been out of place
Shall be put into place.
That which has been misaligned
Shall be aligned.
He who has been misunderstood shall be heard,
For his sound rides the vocal cords of Humility.
She that has been hidden
Shall come forth and declare the word of the Lord.

Overcomer, be not dismayed.
You are not forgotten.
You are not forgotten.
Victory is yours,
Says the Lord.


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