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Gossip: An Observation

by | Nov 3, 2019 | 0 comments

Gossip has the same face. Everywhere I have seen her —
even if she is plastered on a different carrier —
she looks the same.
Every time.
Her eyes blaze with crafty desire to just spill over with information —
true or false —
she doesn’t care.
She can hardly contain herself.
She is bubbling up with words that do nothing but destroy
and puncture the hearer with daggers of fear.
So she speaks.
Word after word,
her own voice soothing and mesmerizing to her own ears.
It’s a sound that satisfies her for a moment,
but when the words run out, she is distraught.
So she goes to dig up some more and uncover anything
that she can go tell anyone who will listen.
I have seen Gossip bring together the strangest of friendships.
For that one moment,
Gossip entertains a group of strangers and
coaxes them into believing that they are the best of friends.
Men and women that have never had anything to do with one another —
Yet, in an instant, they go from strangers to friends —
from co-workers to brothers and sisters.
Gossip makes two women look like the closest of friends.
Gossip’s hushed voice requires that they stand close and
exchange words and phrases and secrets that one would only share
with her sister.
It is one of the greatest façades and illusions I have ever seen.
One of the greatest because afterwards —
or after words —
those two women go back to having nothing in common.
They go back to their respective corners until
the next time Gossip needs to be satisfied and
the hearer needs to feel like she is important enough to belong.
Gossip’s carrier is only oh so happy to have all the attention —
no matter how fickle and short-lived
it may be.


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