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Words II

by | Nov 3, 2019 | 0 comments

We hold hands with
And give second chances
To the opinions
Of broken men
Who haven’t sought out
What God’s stance is
Concerning our lives.

We agree with and accept
The words of curses
Both heard and unheard.
Our worlds are
Blanketed by idle words
From non-friends and those
Who are the closest.

A lot of us don’t know that our worlds
Have been framed by our words —
And theirs —
And there is one noun and too many broken verbs
To count
That we must fall out
Of agreement with.

My prayer is for every word that has been spoken against
My life
To fall to the ground,
And while they are crashing down
Their screams and shallow sounds
Will be drowned
Out by a thunderous praise
For I have the victory

I choose not
To be crowned
By fallen words
Spoken by fallen men
Surviving in a fallen world.

I govern my world
And atmosphere
With the Truth, Word, Wisdom, and Peace of God.
And every word
That can’t trace its track back to a promise
Found in the Word of God
Cannot and will not take up residence in my world —
Who sent you?

There’s no space for you here.
Therefore, I have every right
To repeal your message
To RTS – return to sender –
And to make you null and void.
See, life’s not dull when you know your authority.

In words, lie power, weight,
The ability to move, and the ability to delay.
Be careful of what your words reject and
Think twice before you complain.
And please please know
That every time something in your life goes wrong
It’s not always the devil.
It could very well be the manifestation of words YOU spoke.


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