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by | Apr 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Even tears are seeds.

Prayers sown

In grounds and places awaiting breakthrough.

The land has opened wide its mouth

For the presence of the Lord to fill it —

Gulping and gasping for the breath of God.

The land bulges itself out to make room and

To make ready to receive

And to receive again.

Your people are crying out.

We want to see You move.

We want to see Your hand.

We want to see Your glory all over the earth,

Kingly manifestations of power that will turn hearts

Back to the remembrance of You.


Our hearts’ desire.


To know You once more,

To be carried in the folds of Your garment.

Jesus, we don’t want just parts of You.

We want the whole of You.

Jesus, sing unto us.

Sing over us Your song

Which glorifies the Father,

The Most High.


Enrich us with Your power,

And fill us with the fear of You.

Sovereign God, we are crying out,

Longing to be saved,

Longing to adorn You with the jewels of our worship.

We honor You.

We honor You.

We honor You.

There is a generation that won’t be quiet about the things of God —

A generation that will reverence You, Father,

And only do what pleases You.

There is a generation,

And we are now.


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